• A wallet connected to Uranium Finance hacker has moved 2,250 ETH worth approximately $3.35 million from the DeFi project.
• The funds were transferred over a time frame of seven hours in transactions ranging from 1 ETH to 100 ETH.
• Rug pull allegations surfaced after the exploit, and the team announced a total shutdown shortly afterwards.

Uranium Finance Exploit

647 Days after the Uranium Finance exploit on April 28th 2021, a wallet connected with the hacker began moving 2,250 ETH worth approximately $3.35 million into a popular coin mixer known as TornadoCash.

Wallet Movement

Blockchain security firm PeckShield noticed the movement of funds from this wallet on March 7th and data from Etherscan revealed that these funds were being transferred over a period of seven hours in transactions ranging from 1 ETH to 100 ETH. Another Ethereum wallet tied to this hacker was also found to be active 159 days ago with 5 ETH being sent to privacy-focused Ethereum zk-rollup on Aztec.

Rug Pull Allegations

The Binance Smart Chain-based protocol was drained of $50 million in funds following this exploit which prompted rug pull allegations despite the team denying any involvement or guilt in this incident.

Uranium Finance Shutdown

In light of this exploit, Uranium Finance shelved plans for v3 and announced a total shutdown stating „We will not be trying to make this project reborn again, doing so is not possible under these current circumstances“.


Despite its unfortunate end, it remains clear that Uranium Finance’s legacy lives on as evidenced by hackers still attempting to cash out stolen funds even two years later.

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