• Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the cloud unit of e-commerce giant Amazon – will distribute $100 million for a center to help entities employ generative artificial intelligence (AI).
• Microsoft and Google have made even bigger investments in AI.
• AWS CEO Adam Selipsky sees an optimistic future for AI, calling it “the next wave of innovation in the cloud.”

Amazon Investing $100 Million into Generative AI

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud unit of e-commerce giant Amazon, has announced that it will invest $100 million into a center to help other entities employ generative artificial intelligence (AI). This is part of an effort by AWS to stay competitive with other tech giants such as Microsoft and Google, which have also invested heavily in AI.

What Will The Investment Go Towards?

The money from this investment will go towards helping entities use generative AI technology. By doing this, AWS hopes to be at the forefront of innovation in the cloud space. According to CEO Adam Selipsky, this investment could potentially push customers towards wanting to use the cloud more often.

What Companies Have Already Joined?

So far, RyanAir, Lonely Planet, Highspot, and Twilio have all joined on board with this project. All four companies believe that this technology will bring them great success in their respective industries. It remains to be seen how successful these companies are with using generative AI technology however.

Alexa & Other Investments

In addition to the new center, Amazon has already released its virtual assistant technology Alexa onto the market. However, these efforts do not match up to what other leading corporations have done when it comes to investing in AI technology. For example, Microsoft distributed $10 billion into OpenAI several years ago and Google recently committed over $30 billion into similar technologies as well.


It is clear that Amazon is very serious about making sure they stay competitive when it comes to developing and utilizing generative AI technologies. Their recent announcement shows that they are willing to invest huge sums of money into making sure that they are able to provide cutting edge services for their customers going forward.

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