• Bitcoin (BTC) has remained relatively stagnant on a daily scale at around $26,500 after the massive volatility experienced during the business week.
• Aptos (APT) is one of the best performers on both a weekly and daily scale in the top 100 crypto assets, up 6% today.
• After BTC plummeted to a three-month low of under $24,800 on Friday, bulls intervened and didn’t allow any further declines.


This article provides an overview of Bitcoin’s (BTC) weekend performance and highlights Aptos‘ (APT) impressive growth over the past week. It also discusses how BTC dropped to a three-month low before bulls stepped in to prevent further losses.

Bitcoin Performance

Bitcoin entered the working week in a calm manner and remained relatively stagnant at just over $26,000 despite US CPI numbers from Wednesday and the Fed’s decision to pause its interest rate hiking policy. On Friday however, BTC dumped hard and plummeted to a three-month low of under $24,800 due to market fear. Fortunately, bulls quickly intervened and prevented any further losses.

Aptos Performance

Aptos has been one of the best performing crypto assets in the top 100 this week with an increase of 20% over seven days. It also recorded 6% growth today alone which is significantly higher than most other altcoins that have seen insignificant changes recently.


Overall, it was an uneventful weekend for bitcoin which managed to remain relatively stable until dropping sharply on Friday due to market panic before bulls stepped in. Other altcoins saw minimal gains or losses aside from Aptos which achieved impressive growth throughout the week.

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