• Bitcoin’s price has surged over the last couple of days and has broken past a key resistance level.
• The Daily Chart shows that the market has been trending impulsively to the upside, finally breaking above the $25K resistance level.
• The 4-Hour Chart demonstrates clear overbought signals in this timeframe, and a drop below the 70% level could trigger a pullback in the next coming days.

BTC Soars to Highest Point Since June 2022

Bitcoin’s price has been on a steady upward trend over the past several days, breaking through an important resistance level and pushing higher. Currently, it is at its highest point since June 2022 and there is speculation that it may reach $30K in the near future.

Daily Chart Analysis

The daily chart shows that Bitcoin’s price rebounded decisively from its 200-day moving average around $20K a few days ago. Since then, it has been trending up strongly and recently broke through the $25K resistance level. If it can manage to break above $30K then this could signal an extended bullish period for Bitcoin prices in the coming months. However, caution is warranted as RSI is entering into overbought territory which could lead to a retracement or consolidation in the short term.

4-Hour Chart Analysis

Looking at Bitcoin’s 4-hour chart shows more interesting details about its recent rally; it recovered from around $20K and managed to break past two significant resistance levels ($23K & $25K). Both of these levels can now provide support if there is any retracement or pullback in price going forward. Additionally, RSI is showing signs of being overbought which could trigger a drop back down below 70%.

Short Term Outlook

In general, while there are signs of caution such as RSI indicating being overbought on both timeframes; overall momentum remains very bullish with BTC prices having pushed past multiple key resistance levels recently. If Bitcoin manages to break above its all-time high at $30K then this would be an extremely positive sign for bulls looking for further gains going forward.


Overall, BTC prices have seen some strong gains in recent days pushing them up towards their highest point since June 2022 with speculation that they may reach $30K soon if momentum continues upwards. While there are some caution signals such as RSI entering into overbought territory on both timeframes; overall sentiment remains very bullish with multiple key resistances having already been broken through successfully by BTC prices recently.

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