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ETH bije rekord wszechczasów w obliczu świeżego wzrostu cen

Ethereum odzyskało strefę 2000 $.

Ethereum, drugi co do wielkości zasób kryptowaluty pod względem kapitalizacji rynkowej, pokonał poprzednią rekordową cenę blisko 2041 USD , ustaloną na 19 lutego 2021 r.

Bitcoin Rush hit wysoką cenę rekord wysokości około $ 2.081 dzisiaj, zgodnie z danymi TradingView.

W momencie publikacji ETH kosztuje blisko 2067 USD

Od szczytu w lutym, ETH dwukrotnie korygował na swoim dziennym wykresie, notując wyższy dołek na drugiej korekcie. W ciągu kilku dni po szczycie w wysokości 2041 USD aktywa spadły do ​​około 1293 USD. ETH odzyskał do około 1943 USD do 13 marca, po czym spadł blisko 1,546 USD w kolejnych dniach.

Od czasu spadku blisko 1,546 USD, ETH opublikował cztery kolejne zielone świece dzienne.

Dzisiaj będzie piąty, jeśli zamknie się na zielono

CoinMarketCap wymienia ETH obecnie na drugim miejscu pod względem wielkości aktywów pod względem kapitalizacji rynkowej. Trzymając kapitalizację rynkową blisko 239 miliardów dolarów w momencie publikacji, ETH zajmuje drugie miejsce, powyżej Binance Coin ( BNB ), ale daleko od całkowitej wyceny Bitcoina ( BTC ) 1,1 biliona dolarów.

Ethereum pojawiało się w wielu nagłówkach w ciągu ostatnich kilku miesięcy, zgodnie z jego przejściem na Ethereum 2.0 lub Eth2, a także jego rolą w zdecentralizowanych finansach lub DeFi . Eth2 zamierza przeskalować sieć Ethereum i całkowicie przekształcić swój łańcuch bloków w algorytm weryfikacji stawki w nadchodzących miesiącach .

Wzrost cen ETH był również zgodny z ogólną hossą dla kryptowalut, na której BTC osiągnął wartość powyżej 60000 USD .

This crypto gets stuck in the debate – To print or not to print new YFIs?

Difficult to stay in place! – After making it impossible to create new tokens, some Yearn protocol users want to go back. Since the debate rages on social networks.

New YFIs in perspective?

Launched in mid-2020, the YFI token of the Yearn Finance protocol very quickly made a name for itself, reaching $ 43,000 per unit on September 12, 2020 . This amazing price is mainly a consequence of the very limited supply of the token, namely 30,000 .

Some members of the community want to see the supply increase. On January 13, a change was proposed by user Yfi_lit to the community via Yearn’s governance blog .

The goal that seems to emerge behind this proposal is to make the Yearn ecosystem more sustainable by creating a fund of 1000 YFI intended to pay the developers of the project.

A proposal that is debating

It was to be expected. This proposal provoked many reactions. The opening vote is for the moment mainly led by the “against” .

This reaction is hardly surprising in itself. In September eg Yearn community has voted to change the token governance address to ensure that others will not be issued.

Some crypto investment funds such as ParafiCapital or Framework Ventures have announced their support for the proposal .

We will now have to wait until the end of the preliminary vote to know whether this proposal will go as far as a governance vote. In the meantime, it seems that critics of the proposal are in a better position.

Why are cheap altcoins skyrocketing?

Ripple on the rise: why are cheap altcoins skyrocketing?

While the crypto community’s eyes were fixed largely on Bitcoin’s drive to surpass its all-time high and some healthy recoveries in the world of decentralized finance, the value of altcoins suddenly skyrocketed – with Ripple (XRP) up 200% since the beginning of November. But why did all this happen?

Although there were no significant events that could trigger a wave, Ripple and the other altcoins are continuing to increase in value.

Last week XRP recorded a 139% increase, corresponding to most of Bitcoin Bank its annual movements in a phenomenal rally. Today, Ripple’s value has been at its highest for almost three years.

According to market data, XRP was the best performing cryptocurrency in the last few days among the top 100 assets, along with XRP’s crypto cousin Stellar Lumens (XLM).

What forces were involved in Ripple’s propulsion in the stratosphere? According to some commentators, XRP’s huge movement may have been triggered by a movement started on social media.

The early intervention of TikTok

TikTok is gaining a reputation for rapidly inflating crypto assets significantly. In the summer, a small group of influencers tried to encourage their followers to invest in Dogecoin in an attempt to make a significant return on their investments.

It seems that Ripple has become a new target for creators of viral content on the social platform and new content seems to arrive in large volumes, marking the rise in the price of the currency.

Eric Wall, Chief Investment Officer of Crypto Hedge Fund Outfit Arcane Assets said:

„TikTok is the world’s most sophisticated tool for creating and monitoring viral phenomena.

Wall’s words indicate that the power of social media can be strong enough to actively manipulate the markets. While this could be good news for some investors, it could also undermine the integrity of the crypto ecosystem that prides itself so much on decentralisation.

Adding fuel to the fact that TikTok has raised the price of XRP is proof that the number of unique portfolios buying Ripple has risen by 24,408 – the highest number on the network since 1 May 2020.

Although speculation driving crypto currency prices is nothing new, today there is a wide range of crypto exchanges that can support masses of new investors operating on a specific currency. This could mean that we may see further artificial price increases in the near future driven by viral social media postings.

Optimism driven by old news?

However, not everyone was ready to buy during the unexpected growth of XRP led by TikTok. Benjamin Pirus speculated that the significant increase might have been due to the emergence of old currency news.

Prior to the rapid increase in value, information emerged about Bank of America’s involvement in Ripple’s payment network, RippleNet, based on a brief report from Ripple News. This may have fuelled a new generalised confidence in cryptocurrency, but it has since emerged that Bank of America has been a member of RippleNet since March 2019.

This indicates that there is indeed a lack of new developments related to XRP, but sometimes a little speculation is enough for prices to rise rapidly.

Pirus also suggests that the rise in Ripple may be due to widespread investor interest in altcoins as a result of the profits that have recently been made by bitcoins. The famous crypto commentator, Josh Olszewicz, predicted the rise in XRP in the days leading up to the currency surge, pointing out that it is likely to be „BTC’s profits entering the altcoins“ noting that this is „probably the most bullish moment ever seen in recent years“.

Repurchases help to increase altcoin Ripple profits

Another factor determining the increase in Ripple could be repurchases. During the third quarter of 2020, Ripple purchased $45.5 million of XRP in a buyback programme. The idea behind this move was to help keep markets healthy.

The sales summary in the third quarter report showed total purchases of $45.5 million, while in previous quarters there was no evidence of ongoing repurchases. Subsequently, the report stated:

According to Kim Dotcom, the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) next year could rise to $3,000.

Bitcoin Cash was born in August 2017 from a fork of Bitcoin, and since then its price has taken a path that only broadly followed that of BTC.

Its initial value was around $700, but it dropped almost immediately to $300.

Thanks to the great speculative bubble of late 2017, it reached its all-time high of $3,785 on December 20, and since then it has not been able to approach those figures.

Even in mid-December 2018 it fell below $80, almost a tenth of the initial price, but then slowly climbed back up, until it touched $500 in February this year.

After collapsing in mid-March, the price recovered first above $200, and then above $300.

In other words, today it is worth less than a tenth of what it was worth at its all-time high.

According to what he said on Twitter, Kim Dotcom believes that in the course of the next year BCH could return close to the all-time highs.

Kim Dotcom’s prediction about Bitcoin Cash

Kim argues that while Bitcoin (BTC) is great as a store of value, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) would be great for payments.

However, it must be said that if, for example, we compare the number of average daily transactions that are recorded on the two respective blockchains, we find that those of BCH are still significantly less than a tenth of those of BTC, which therefore turns out to be actually much more used.

Moreover, over the years the number of average daily transactions of BCH has not increased significantly, so for now there is no growth trend from this point of view.

However, Kim says that from now on more and more merchants will accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, but they will want fast transactions and low commission costs.

In fact, BTC from this point of view is not yet very competitive, because the use of Lightning Network is not yet widespread.

That’s why they say bullish on BCH, assuming that its value can increase from the current $310 to $3,000 over the next 12 months.

City in Poland is the first to adopt the blockchain Ethereum for emergency services

Olsztyn in Poland is using Ethereum-based SmartKey to enhance emergency services.

City in Poland is the first to adopt the Ethereum blockchain for emergency servicesNOTÍCIAS

The city of Olsztyn, Poland, is the first city in the world to take advantage of the blockchain Ethereum to help manage emergency services, offering another tangible use for distributed accounting technology.

The city has completed a successful test of SmartKey, a technology that connects the blockchain to physical assets to help police, fire and ambulance services.

SmartKey will enable rescue teams to do their jobs more efficiently by connecting a smart contract to Teltonika’s intelligent devices that are used by local rescue teams. This connection allows emergency teams to enter any building in the city without having to trace a key holder or wait for permission.

Gustaw Marek Brzezin, the commander of Warmińsko-Mazurskie, where Olsztyn is located, made the following statement:

„The need for our rescue services to perform their duties without obstruction is delicate. The use of blockchain and SmartKey technology seems to be the perfect solution, giving security to the owners and residents of the buildings, but also freedom for our emergency services“.

SmartKey believes that blockchain technology can lay the foundation for the development of smart cities. While definitions vary, a smart city refers to any urban area that harnesses emerging technologies and sensors to collect data, which can then be used to manage assets, resources and services more efficiently. As a paradigm, smart cities permeate other themes such as sustainability and economic development.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, may have important implications for future smart cities. The connected devices are designed to represent one of the greatest growth opportunities of the next decade. The World Economic Forum, for example, identified IoT as an important pillar of „urban transformation“, especially after COVID-19.

Several cryptomeda projects operate in the IoT niche, the largest of which is the Iota (MIOTA), with a market value of $825 million. At least a dozen others have a market capitalization of $1 million or more.

Bitcoin rate falls below USD 15000

The Bitcoin price changed abruptly by -1 percent. This is reflected in a rate of USD 14,814.57. The Bitcoin-Cash and Litecoin rates moved synchronously in the same direction.


The Bitcoin share price had to let up feathers and lost -0.97 percent. The psychologically important limit of US$ 15000 was undercut. At the moment the exchange rate is 14,814.57 US dollars. The overall situation is to be assessed as bearish.

  • Market capitalisation: 271.12 billion US dollars (-5.12%)
  • 24h trading volume: 28,553 million US dollars (-28.73%)
  • 24h high: US$ 15,736.86
  • 24-hour low: US dollar


The Bitcoin cash price had to decline by -1.85 percent. Unfortunately, this also meant that the exchange rate fell below 250 US dollars. The current rate is 248.96 US dollars. We arrive at a rather bearish assessment.

  • Market capitalisation: 4.61 billion US dollars (-2.85%)
  • 24h trading volume: 3,028 million US dollars (+13.02%)
  • 24 hour high: 275.97 US dollars
  • 24-hour low: US dollar


The Litecoin price fell by -0.94 per cent. With this exchange rate movement, the litecoin exchange rate rose above 60 US dollars. This means that the exchange rate currently stands at 58.65 US dollars. Overall, the situation is rather bearish.

  • Market capitalisation: 3.81 billion US dollars (-4.91%)
  • 24h trading volume: 3,007 million US dollars (+11.4%)
  • 24h high: 64.33 US dollars
  • 24-hour low: US dollar


  • Bitcoin a une fois de plus commencé à monter en flèche malgré l’incertitude des marchés traditionnels.
  • La pièce se négocie actuellement à 16 450 dollars au moment de la rédaction de cet article.
  • Les analystes craignent qu’un retracement soit probable car les tendances en chaîne et les tendances techniques semblent avoir commencé à favoriser les baisses.


Bitcoin a une fois de plus commencé à monter en flèche malgré l’incertitude des marchés traditionnels. Après une journée de pertes de 1 % pour les principaux indices boursiers américains, Bitcoin a dépassé les 16 000 dollars pour la première fois depuis début 2018.

La pièce se négocie actuellement à 16 450 dollars, un record depuis le début de l’année et depuis plusieurs années. Bitcoin a clôturé sa bougie quotidienne au-dessus d’un niveau technique clé dans les 16 000 dollars les plus bas, dans une victoire pour l’affaire du taureau.

Les analystes commencent à s’attendre à un retracement, cependant. Malgré des clôtures constantes au-dessus des niveaux de support clés, on s’attend à un retracement plus faible car certaines tendances de la chaîne et certaines tendances techniques semblent être prêtes à entraîner la principale cryptocouronne vers le bas.

Beaucoup soutiennent qu’il serait en fait sain pour Bitcoin de corriger cette situation car cela rétablirait les attentes de ce marché et minimiserait la quantité de spéculation à effet de levier qui a normalement lieu près des sommets.

Ki Young Ju, le PDG de la société de crypto-données CryptoQuant, a récemment partagé le graphique ci-dessous, montrant une correction potentielle à venir. Le graphique montre l’action du prix de Bitcoin, ainsi qu’un ratio de baleine d’échange (moyenne mobile sur 24 heures). Le ratio tente de représenter la quantité d’adresses de baleines Bitcoin déposées dans les échanges.

Le graphique suggère qu’il y a eu une augmentation du nombre de baleines déposant des BTC dans les bourses, ce qui pourrait déclencher un retracement.

D’autres analystes ont commencé à réclamer un retracement dans les jours à venir.

Certains se tournent vers d’autres tendances techniques telles que la divergence baissière qui se forme entre le graphique en bougie d’un jour de Bitcoin, ainsi que l’indice de force relative. Les divergences baissières se produisent lorsque l’action du prix d’un actif se déplace contre un indicateur de momentum à la baisse, ce qui suggère que les taureaux perdent leur dominance dans une tendance à la hausse.


Certains s’attendent cependant à ce que ce marché soit encore plus élevé. Faisant référence au récent segment de CNBC dans lequel le point de vente a couvert le rallye des bitcoins en cours, un analyste historiquement précis a déclaré que bien qu’il pense qu’un sommet se rapproche, il pourrait être imprudent de „s’effacer aussi tôt“ :

„Tout se passe sous nos yeux“. Donnez à la fomo quelques jours pour s’activer et ne l’effacez pas trop tôt, mais une petite armée de fomo est sur le point de se faire piéger. Un sommet est proche“.

Bitcoin n’a pas non plus vu de bougie de sommet „soufflée“ que les analystes disent attendre dans un futur proche.

Youtube bannit et supprime l’influence de bitcoin

La plateforme de Google suspend pour la première fois les comptes liés à la cryptomycose

Davinci Jeremie, un Bitcoin Trader d’influence sur YouTube – avec 82 000 followers – a été définitivement banni de la plateforme mardi (29).

YouTube a pris l’habitude de bannir de sa plate-forme les contenus liés à Bitcoin dans le passé. La société avait déjà expliqué cela en faisant appel à des erreurs d’algorithme, mais les interdictions répétées des influenceurs de crypto et des créateurs de contenu ont conduit à affirmer que la plateforme de partage vidéo est anti-crypt. Même Jérémie lui-même avait déjà été touché par des attaques sur YouTube, mais cette fois, les dégâts étaient importants.

„Mon Dieu, ma chaîne YouTube a été définitivement supprimée ! Ce n’est pas seulement une grève“, a déclaré Jérémie sur Twitter hier.

La décision a déjà attiré l’attention de la communauté. Ce mercredi matin, YouTuber Sunny Decree a publié une vidéo discutant de l’interdiction permanente de Jérémie. „Avec cet épisode, j’essaie de vous soutenir“, a déclaré M. Decree.
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Le fondateur d’Apple poursuit Youtube et Google pour des escroqueries au bitcoin qui utilisent son image

Depuis l’interdiction, Jérémie a essayé de faire appel de la décision de YouTube, mais sans succès. Il a fait part d’une réponse de YouTube qui disait : „Nous avons décidé de maintenir votre compte suspendu sur la base de nos directives communautaires et de nos conditions de service.

Clairement mécontent de ce courriel, Jérémie a ajouté à propos de la façon dont Youtube a agi : „J’ai juste utilisé les directives contre vous et je n’ai pas montré comment vous les avez violées parce que je ne veux pas être poursuivi.

YouTube a répondu au tweet de Jérémie par le biais de son compte @TeamYouTube. Ils ont déclaré qu’ils feront de leur mieux pour lui fournir plus d’informations si la décision est confirmée. Nous avons contacté YouTube pour faire des commentaires et nous mettrons à jour cet article si nous recevons une réponse.

Youtuber a créé une nouvelle chaîne qui a déjà gagné près de 4 000 adeptes en quelques heures.