• Bitcoin ended last week with little-to-no price movements.
• Bitcoin finally made a decisive move and skyrocketed to above $30,000.
• Altcoins have also turned green, helping the total market cap gain over $60 billion in 24 hours.

Bitcoin Price Jumps Above $30K

Bitcoin had stalled around $28,000 at the end of last week, but late Monday and early Tuesday morning it surged to just over $30,400 – its highest price tag since before the Terra collapse. Despite losing a few hundred dollars since then, BTC still trades north of $30,000 as of writing these lines with its market capitalization having shot up to $580 billion and its dominance over alts having gained almost 1%.

Altcoins Also Turn Green

Not only did bitcoin make gains but the altcoins also turned green due to this surge, helping the total market cap gain over $60 billion in 24 hours. Solana has seen the biggest increase from larger-cap alts adding 10% of value daily.

US CPI Data on Wednesday

Speculations were that volatility would return mid-week when the US was supposed to announce their latest CPI data on Wednesday however bitcoin didn’t wait until then before making moves.

Terra Collapse

The primary cryptocurrency’s highest price tag before this surge was prior to the Terra collapse.

Recent Developments

Recent developments have shown that Crypto Markets are continuing to grow which is good news for investors and traders alike as they can take advantage of these favorable conditions in order to maximize their profits and portfolios.

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