Difficult to stay in place! – After making it impossible to create new tokens, some Yearn protocol users want to go back. Since the debate rages on social networks.

New YFIs in perspective?

Launched in mid-2020, the YFI token of the Yearn Finance protocol very quickly made a name for itself, reaching $ 43,000 per unit on September 12, 2020 . This amazing price is mainly a consequence of the very limited supply of the token, namely 30,000 .

Some members of the community want to see the supply increase. On January 13, a change was proposed by user Yfi_lit to the community via Yearn’s governance blog .

The goal that seems to emerge behind this proposal is to make the Yearn ecosystem more sustainable by creating a fund of 1000 YFI intended to pay the developers of the project.

A proposal that is debating

It was to be expected. This proposal provoked many reactions. The opening vote is for the moment mainly led by the “against” .

This reaction is hardly surprising in itself. In September eg Yearn community has voted to change the token governance address to ensure that others will not be issued.

Some crypto investment funds such as ParafiCapital or Framework Ventures have announced their support for the proposal .

We will now have to wait until the end of the preliminary vote to know whether this proposal will go as far as a governance vote. In the meantime, it seems that critics of the proposal are in a better position.

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